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Name: Greg

Age: 16

IGN: Arch Cleric Tetha or Captain Deceptio or Countess Maricela

About me: :D Welll, im really new to an ACCOUNT on this wiki. ;p But ive been lurking for a while now. > ,<

Im really shy so chances are you wont find my builds on here. D: Alsoo

Can anyone help me make little pages for my userpage? D: So i can make builds there? e__e;

I like using emoticons alot. lol. If you dont get them then im sorry D:

But yeah. Ill put more up eventually when im not so lazy ;p

Im pretty nubzy so just tell me if im doing something wrong.

I guess im easy to get along with and i like meeting new people.

Sarcastic creeps and annoying people annoy me D:

Thats bout it for now~

Peace out girl scout!

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