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{{Mini skill bar|Ray of Judgment|Glyph of Concentration|Reversal of Damage|Patient Spirit|Healing Breeze|Bane Signet|Gale|Storm Djinn's Haste}}
{{Mini skill bar|Word of Healing|Patient Spirit|Mending Touch|Cure Hex|Hammer Bash|Crushing Blow|Shield Bash|Optional}}
''Fun alternative, caps through most stuff.''
{{Mini skill bar|Power Drain|Optional|Ether Feast|Cry of Frustration|Wastrel's Worry|Diversion|Drain Enchantment|Chaos Storm}}
''Can cap, needs more domages though.''
{{Mini skill bar|Flail|Bull's Strike|Death's Charge|Devastating Hammer|Crushing Blow|Heavy Blow|Enraging Charge|Lion's Comfort}}
''Second best ever.''
{{Mini skill bar|Distracting Shot|Concussion Shot|Apply Poison|Archer's Signet|Pin Down|Natural Stride|Mending Touch|Optional}}
''Why ''not''?''

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Word of Healing Patient Spirit Mending Touch Cure Hex Hammer Bash Crushing Blow Shield Bash Optional
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