This user plays both PvE & PvP.

Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Europe 70x40 This user plays for the territory of Europe.
en-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of English.

Assassin-icon This user is an Assassin by nature.

Player Overview

  • Gender: Male
  • Residence: England, UK

I'm quite the casual player, although I do play PvP quite often, I'm mainly a PvE guy. And even then, I don't strive for glory with titles or achievements, I just tend to hang around with my friends and do quests and missions.
The good old simple life for me :)

I'm primerally an Assassin player. However, I'm quite experienced with all of the game's classes except for Necromancer, which bores me when I play it.
I can play up front, offensive spellcaster or in support roles equally well, however I prefer to get up close and get my character's hands dirty if possible.

  • Current Guild: Captains of the Heart [DEEP]
  • Total Game Hours: (at time of editing) 1300
  • Account Titles: Friend of the Kurzicks (2)

Notable Character Listing

  • Lucifer Shadowbane
Assassin - Male
My greatest PvE Char. Me <3's him very much. :P
Only char I care enough about to get Ascended Armor for. Ascended Kurzick - Dyed Black
Completed Elona, Tyria, Cantha and GWEN
Titles: Protector of Cantha. Guardian of Cantha. Canthan Grandmaster Cartogropher (100%). Spearmarshal (9) (should probably finish this :P).
Typical Skillbar for most PvE situations:
Golden Phoenix Strike Critical Strike Moebius Strike Death Blossom &quot;Save Yourselves!&quot; Way of Perfection Critical Agility Critical Defenses

  • Aeris Fyreheart
Elementalist - Female
My Oldest PvE Char
Nearly Completed Tyria, Just a bit lazy when it comes to playing with her.
Titles: Account Titles Only. (not worth mentioning Sunspear ect. And I wont for the rest of my Char's as Lucifer's are highest)
Typical Skillbar for most PvE situations:
Assassin&#039;s Promise Fire Attunement Flare Fireball Meteor Rodgort&#039;s Invocation Meteor Shower Intensity

  • Feena Fyreheart
Monk - Female
It's a Monk. Healer, Bonder, 55HP, anything else I feel the need to make.
Titles: Account Titles Only.
Typical Skillbar for most PvE situations:
Healing Breeze Dwayna&#039;s Kiss Word of Healing Vigorous Spirit Healing Seed Seed of Life Dismiss Condition Rebirth

  • Divider Of Souls
Ranger - Female
A play on my main Forum Screen-name. Which has nothing to do with the band. >.<
Completed Cantha
Titles: Canthan Explorer (60%)
Typical Skillbar for most PvE situations:
Triple Shot Dual Shot Glass Arrows Conjure Flame Lightning Reflexes Needling Shot Favorable Winds Charm Animal

  • The remainder of my characters do not need a note. They are either below level 20. Have nothing special about them, are PvP chars or are empty slots :P

Builds Submitted

None thusfar. Though I'm currently working on some ingame, they are far from complete.


If I think of anything else. I'll stuff it in here. :D
Updating For teh lol's. Why not?

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