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April - 2020
07:33 UTC
My User Page

  • [Nov 07] Feena Chan (me) has finally retired from Guild Wars.
After (mis-)using the game only as chat platform for many months, I decided to give up on Guild Wars, as not much new content (routes, and so forth) was added for runners since Prophecies. I wish you all the very best. -Feena Chan.
  • [Sept 07] Sword of Laban, our forum home, promotes the Guild Wars sub-forum led by The Blue Academy due to its activeness, and passionate contributions.
We truly deserved it, and stand above the WoW forum now. Yeepie-yay! :D
  • [Sept 07] The Blue Academy GWW Guild Page goes live!
My guild, The Blue Academy [TBA], is now properly presented on GWW.
Presenting now more than 13 videos of guides and runs, and heroic themes.
Guild Wars characters
  • Elementalist-icon Feena Chan
  • Monk-icon Chibi Sukino
  • Warrior-icon Chibiusa Chan
  • Ranger-icon Charlotte Chan
  • Mesmer-icon Usagi Sukino
  • Dervish-icon Meili Chan
  • Assassin-icon Clone Runner One
  • Ritualist-icon O Linh Linh

Almost all code from my user page orginated from the following users' user pages:

  • Barek (Gallery, section headers, and modified and extended versions of:)
  • GuildWiki (Skill quick references bar)
Ranger-icon This user is a Lady Blue Steel Master Graduate Runner.
Ranger-icon This user is Feena Chan in Guild Wars.
Ranger-icon This user is primarily a Runner.
RuN This user considers running to be the highest form of PvE.
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