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About Me

Hello, what can I tell you about me?

Well, I never expected to play this game for a longer time, but after more then 60 months (I started in August 2005) I still like it.
Why? Probably because of the interaction with different kind of people = with the people in my guild :)

Of course there is also this multitude of quests and missions and the neverending possibilities of doing something new. So I wander smoothly through Tyria or fight my way through Cantha, level up in Elona or affront the perils of the Domain of Anguish and am even more happy if my friends come along, join me ingame and on Teamspeak.

In the Beginning there was Light: a Mesmer: Marcus The Cube. He is Protector of Tyria and is waiting to discover major parts of Cantha and Elona and continued with a Monk: Juge Pazair that became my title character. After that it was time to try out my luck with a Warrior: Portos du Val. He is waiting to discover some parts of Cantha. Faction came out and I discovered Cantha with my Assassin: Han Wu. Next was a Ranger: Han Jing as some guild member told me this can be a useful character sometimes. He was persevering and survived for a while. Darkness follows where Nightfall goes.... time for a Paragon Amenhotep Meryamun who did not see much of Tyria and Cantha. Time for another mélée character: a Dervish: Mehtu Alibaba and he hasn't traveled a lot either. Time to burn things with my Elementalist: Elron Peredhel who has also just seen Elona. Last but not least my 2 youngest childs are a Necromancer: Lares Vargos and Thoril Du Val a pre-searing elementalist.

Contact Information

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