Vandalism quotes

This is for all of those that like the cultivated language and the courteous tone in PvP so much :)
or let's call it a "best of" vandalism acts on this wikispace
Enjoy if you can!

"Getting in touch ;)"


On this shared guild user space members of the exceptionally gay Sword of Justice guild should post possible public toilets in which we can meet up for a quick blowjob before heading off to the park to help married, middle-aged men to fulfill their dreams of pummeling the soft, pink assholes of young teen boys. If you're interested in joining us, feel free to speak with Marcus. We're sorry, but we can only initiate you if you've cleanly shaved from the waist down. We like to pretend you haven't hit puberty! ;)
Some useful links to understand how we like to operate: [History] and
[Our Website] (Password after you've passed The Telephone Booth Test!) .
Please never bring condoms or tell your parents about us. Clear your internet history after every visit! :)

We look forward to you "getting in touch"! ;D

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