Hello, and welcome to my userpage. I am a 14-year old American Guild Wars enthusiast with an extremely large vocabulary and a number of Lego Magazines. I enjoy listening to the goodies but oldies; Beatles, The Who, Sting, The Police, Eagles, and some somewhat newer stuff; Spin Doctors, Smashmouth, and Wierd Al Yancovich. Despite what this may cause some people to think, I do in fact have out-of-game friends, three of which also play Guild Wars, and one of which has a Guildwiki account (you know him as Sacraficia). And one totally awesome girlfriend. In my spare time I teach my pets Spanish, play Guild Wars (duh), sabotage other peoples computers and be there to help them put it back together, and think about all the different ways I can annoy my little sister (I believe many of you know the type). I feel I have a kindred spirit in GrammarNazi (just a random thought I would like put out there). Oh, and as you may have noticed, I like parenthesis and drop-down lists. I am a frequent user of GuildWiki, even after the build wipe, and I come here when I am in interest of testing out something new.

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