Make your team invincible using overpowered healing skills and synergies.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Monk/Elementalist Earth=12 Smiting=12+3+1 Protection=3+3][Echo][Arcane Echo][Mending][Blessed Aura][Iron Mist][Rebirth][Light of Dwayna][Resurrect][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Brawler's Insignia, a smiting prayers headpiece, and any superior runes you feel like. (Except healing, they're not worth the health sacrifice.) Max armor rating is not necessary.
  • A r11 Vampiric Axe of Trollslaying (To deal with idiots who would rather use stupid builds then actually play.) It must be r11 because your skills go up to that. You do not need an off-hand.


  • Pre-cast Blessed Aura to ensure that mending lasts the maximum time possible.
  • It is best to cast between Echo and Arcane Echo several times before combat. This is known as "pre-echoing." It makes you even more manly.
  • Use Iron Mist as a powerful snare. This is best used on the enemy monk.
  • Rebirth is your most powerful resurrection skill, use it whenever possible.
  • If under attack from the enemy, don't attack them with your Axe. Turn your back to them, and run around in circles. This will confuse them.
  • If your team yells "Noob!" do not worry, they are not talking about you. Continue spamming mending on each of them.
  • If you die, be sure to hold control and click your health bar as fast as possible. This will help your team ressurect you.
  • If you lose, remember to spam about how bad your team is. That way the other team won't think you're some noob who's still using Word of Healing.


  • Nooby Teammates.
  • Healing necromancers, if you heal them, you get bad luck, so don't do it.
  • People rage-quitting because you're taking unfair advantage of broken skills. This practically borderlines as cheating, many players do not wish to do this.


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