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Warrior-icon About Me

I'm primarily a RA player, but I still play GvG. I've made few guides for new players based on the experience what I've got at playing GW.

Builds I have Contributed to Wiki:

Master Gladius's Underpowered Skill of the Week

Keen Chop

  • Axe Attack. If it hits, this attack always results in a critical hit.

3 Adrenaline

It should be:

  • Axe Attack. If this skill hits you do +5...15...20 damage. If it results in a critical hit you do an additional +5...15...20 damage"

6 Adrenaline 1 Tango-activation

History of the underpowered skills can be found here.

My favourite build for each profession

Assassin-icon Build:A/E_GoR_Sin

Dervish-icon Build:D/P_EDA_Blindbot

Elementalist-icon Build:E/any_Icy_Shackles_Elementalist

Mesmer-icon Build:Me/E_GoR_Domination_Mesmer

Monk-icon Build:Mo/W_WoH_Shield_Bash_Monk

Necromancer-icon Build:N/A_Toxic_Chill_Spiker

Paragon-icon Build:P/A_Spear_Swipe_Paragon

Ranger-icon Build:R/W_Axed_Lunge

Ritualist-icon Build:Rt/Mo_Vengeful_Smiter

Warrior-icon Build:W/E_Shock_Axe

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