Quick Reference for Failing

Failure by Design

  • Spear Rangers
  • Dagger Rangers
  • Dervish Healers
  • Mark of Rodgort on Melee/Ranger/Paragon
  • Beastmasters
  • Fragility Mesmers
  • Weapon of Fury frontliners
  • No IAS on Warrior or Dervish
  • No Deep Wound on melee character
  • Spirit's Strength Ritualists
  • X Element spike
  • Losing more than 35 health to attribute runes
  • Me/attempt-to-make-my-mesmer-useful-with-its-secondary builds

Failure by Skill Choice

Failure by Life
  • Kurzicks
  • Luxons
  • People who give half a shit about Kurzicks or Luxons
  • Being R9 or above and running a fame farm build
  • "AIMspeek."
  • Using Internet Explorer
  • Being Izzy
  • Being Gaile

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