This build uses Ebon Battle Standard of Honor to amplify the damage from Spike Trap and Flame Trap to enable you to farm the Underworld with traps.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=R/any WildernessSurvival=12+1+3 Expertise=12+3][Spike trap][Dust Trap][Flame Trap][Ebon Battle Standard of Honor][Trapper's Speed][whirling defense][storm chaser][Brambles][/build] </pvxbig>


Any armor with the best Vigor you can afford; Radiant or Attunement aren't needed.

  • Crippling Axe, Spear, or Sword of Warding and Shelter, or Defense with +5 energy.
    • Shield(s) with +30 HP and +10 vs. Slashing for Aatxe, Graspings, and Smites, and Fire for Dryders. Cold and Lightning for Coldfires and Charged Blackness respectively.
  • Staff with +20 energy and Defense or Fortitude for Nightmares or additional energy if required.
  • Flatbow or longbow for pulling.


  • Summon your spirit, trap slightly in front, activate the ward, and pull. Activate Whirling Defense to make pulling melee safer, and for Dying Nightmares.
  • In Hard mode, Dying Nightmares can be a threat. Activate Whirling, run to adjacent range, activate the ward, and then wand them with your staff.
  • Stand behind spirit so it body blocks melee and inside the ward.
  • For ranged or caster foes, trap at spell or projectile range from your spirit.
  • If the Aatxe in hard mode don't die from the first round of traps, just drop a few more while they try to run back and forth. Use Dust to blind, and Ebon ward with Flame and Spike.


High Vanguard isn't needed, but the higher the better. Tested from rank 3 (+10 damage) and up.

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