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The Skill Format Code
X = The amount of time

Usable Icons:

  • File:Tango-energy.png Tango-energy
  • File:Tango-sacrifice.png Tango-sacrifice
  • File:Tango-adrenaline.png Tango-adrenaline
  • File:Tango-activation.png Tango-activation
  • File:Tango-recharge.png Tango-recharge

 <br>'''Skill Name''' - 
 <br>Type. Effect.

Assassin-tango-icon-20 Assassin

Assassin's Determination - 5Tango-energy1Tango-activation30Tango-recharge:
Elite Hex Spell. For 3...5...5 Seconds target foe moves 20% slower and you move 25...45...50% faster. This hex is reapplied every time you hit target foe with an attack.

Relentless Zeal - 10Tango-energy1/2Tango-activation30Tango-recharge:
Enchantment Spell. For 10...14...15 seconds you gain 1...3...3 Energy with each successful dagger attack. If you miss or Relentless Zeal is removed prematurely your attack skills are disabled for 5 seconds.

Lotus's Fury - 10Tango-energy25Tango-recharge:
Stance. Your next attack skill interrupts your target. If that target was casting a spell or chant, you gain 5 energy.

Shadow's Escape - 5Tango-energy20Tango-recharge:
Stance. For 1...8...10 seconds you move 15% faster, the next time you are successfully hit by an attack you shadowstep to your original location and target foe is knocked down and crippled for 1...7...8 seconds. If Shadow's Escape ends without being attacked you are knocked down and crippled for 1...7...8 seconds.

Shadow Dart - 5Tango-energy1/4Tango-activation15Tango-recharge:
Elite Hex Spell. Half-Range. Shoot a Shadow Dart at target foe. Target foe is hexed with Shadow Dart for 3 seconds. When Shadow Dart ends, target foe takes 30...102...120 shadow damage and suffers from poison and bleeding for 3...10...12 seconds.

Dervish-tango-icon-20 Dervish

Devastating Scythe - 5Tango-energy1Tango-activation8Tango-recharge:
Elite Scythe Attack. Inflicts Deep Wound condition 5...17...20 seconds if target foe is not enchanted, otherwise attacks all adjacent foes and deals +5...17...20 damage.

Sweeping Strike - 10Tango-energy20Tango-recharge:
Scythe Attack. If this attack strikes a crippled foe that foe is knocked down.

Mystic Cunning - 5Tango-energy30Tango-recharge:
Stance. For 5...11...12 seconds for each enchantment on you (Maximum 3) you gain +1 Energy regeneration. When Mystic Cunning ends you loose all enchantments and gain 3 Energy for each enchantment lost.

Elementalist-tango-icon-20 Elementalist

Unstable Energy - 5Tango-energy5Tango-activation35Tango-recharge:
Enchantment Spell. Lose all energy. You deal 1...3...3damage for each point of energy lost to all foes in the area. If 80...64...60 energy was lost all of your other skills are recharged and you gain +2 energy regeneration for 5...17...20 seconds. The activation time of this spell cannot be altered and this skill is disabled for 120 seconds.

Mending Heat - 5Tango-energy1Tango-activation12Tango-recharge:
Spell. Removes 1 Water Hex spell from target other ally, if a Water Hex was removed this way target other ally gains 5 energy.

Revitalizing Flame - 10Tango-energy1Tango-activation20Tango-recharge:
Spell. Projectile. You hit target foe for 30...50...55 fire damage. If this attack hits a knocked down foe you loose 0...8...10 points of exhaustion.

Mesmer-tango-icon-20 Mesmer

Rewarding Aggravation - 15Tango-energy2Tango-activation60Tango-recharge:
Elite Enchantment Spell. For 3...7...8 seconds you gain 2...8...10 energy each time you successfully interrupt a foe and Rewarding Aggravation is reapplied.

Aggravating Taunt - 10Tango-energy1/4Tango-activation8Tango-recharge:
Spell. Interrupts target foes action. That foe gains 4...2...2 strikes adrenaline.

Spiritual Agony - 15Tango-energy2Tango-activation20Tango-recharge:
Hex Spell. For 8 seconds this hex causes target foe to suffer 0...1...1 Energy degeneration. If this foe was a spirit this hex causes spirit and all adjacent foe to receive 5...37...45 damage each second.

Shattering Vortex - 10Tango-energy3Tango-activation25Tango-recharge:
Spell. You create Shattering Vortex at target foe's location. For 1...4...5 seconds all foes in the area loose 1 enchantment each second. If an enchant was removed by Shattering Vortex that foe suffers from Cracked Armor for 5...9...10 seconds.

Monk-tango-icon-20 Monk

Balthazar's Ribbon - 10Tango-energy2Tango-activation15Tango-recharge:
Spell. Target other ally and nearby allies are healed for 40...60...65 health any nearby enemies are struck for 40...60...65 damage.

Balthazar's Intervention - 5Tango-energy1/2Tango-activation12Tango-recharge:
Hex Spell. For 3...9...10 seconds the next time target foe attacks that foe is instead knocked down and suffers from cracked armor for 5...8...9 seconds.

Dwayna's Embrace - 10Tango-energy1Tango-activation12Tango-recharge:
Spell. Target Ally and 1 nearby allies loose 1...2...2 Hexes.

Patient Intervention - 10Tango-energy1/4Tango-activation12Tango-recharge:
Enchantment Spell. Initial Effect: For 1...3...3 seconds target ally cannot lose more than 10% max Health due to damage from a single attack or Spell. End Effect: Target ally and nearby allies are healed for 10...42...50% of the damage taken by target ally while under Patient Intervention.

Necromancer-tango-icon-20 Necromancer

Grenth's Hourglass - 10Tango-energy2Tango-activation20Tango-recharge:
Hex Spell. For 10 seconds target foe and all nearby foes suffer from -2...4...4 Health degeneration.End Effect: All foes hexed with Grenth's Hourglass are struck for 50...70...75 damage and 20% all the damage dealt is transfered to you (Maximum 300).

Signet of Gathering - 2Tango-activation15Tango-recharge:
Signet. Steal 0...4...5 energy from target foe. If this foe was a summoned creature that creature is destroyed and you gain 0...12...15 energy.

Order of Invulnerability - 100%Tango-sacrifice25Tango-energy2Tango-activation45Tango-recharge:
Elite Enchantment Spell. Sacrifice all health. For 5 seconds, whenever a party member takes damage, that damage is reduced to 0.

Paragon-tango-icon-20 Paragon

"Not Today!" - 15Tango-energy20Tango-recharge:
Elite Shout. For the next 3...5...5 seconds the next time target other ally would receive fatal damage it is redirected towards you.

"To The Death!" - 6Tango-adrenaline20Tango-recharge:
Shout. For 10 seconds, all party members within earshot and below 40% deal +10...14...15 damage and receive 5...9...10 less damage.

Song of Spirits - 10Tango-energy2Tango-activation35Tango-recharge:
Chant. For 10 seconds all allied spirits within earshot deal +5...11...13 damage and take 5...11...13 less damage.

Ranger-tango-icon-20 Ranger

Weighted Shot - 15Tango-energy10Tango-recharge:
Bow Attack. Slow moving arrow. Knocks down target foe and deals +5...17...20 damage

Unstable Shot - 10Tango-energy2Tango-activation15Tango-recharge:
Bow Attack. Bow Attack. Deals +10...38...45 damage and inflicts Cracked Armor. You are knocked down.

Jack of all Trades, Master of None - 15Tango-energy2Tango-activation12Tango-recharge:
Preperation. For 10...14...15 seconds all of your ranger attributes are set to 12. Ends if you use a non-ranger skill.

Cruel Arrows - 15Tango-energy2Tango-activation24Tango-recharge :
Preperation. For 3...9...10 seconds you deal +3...9...10 damage with your arrows. On critical hits your arrows deal Deep Wound for 3...10...12 seconds, however all damage modifiers are ignored.

Ritualist-tango-icon-20 Ritualist

Master's Aura - 15Tango-energy3Tango-activation60Tango-recharge:
Spell. All spirits within earshot shadowstep to your location and are under your control.

Charitable Was Togo - 10Tango-energy1Tango-activation25Tango-recharge:
Elite Item Spell. For 15...31...35 seconds your restoration spells heal for an additional +10...22...25 Health. Drop Effect: Nearby party members gain 0...4...5 Energy.

Invigoration - 15Tango-energy2Tango-activation30Tango-recharge:
Elite Binding Ritual. Create a level 1...9...11 spirit. Party members within earshot gain +1...3...3 Health and Energy Regeneration. This spirit dies after 30 seconds.

Destructive Was Shiro - 5Tango-energy2Tango-activation45Tango-recharge:
Elite Item Spell. For 5...17...20 seconds you deal an additional +5...17...20 damage with your channeling spells. Drop Effect: You steal 5...17...20 health from all adjacent foe.

Warrior-tango-icon-20 Warrior

Exhausting Rampage - 4Tango-adrenaline5Tango-recharge:
Elite Stance. For 1...7...8 seconds you move and attack 33% faster and deal 10...22...25% more damage. You are exhausted.

Enchanter's Adversary - 8Tango-adrenaline8Tango-recharge:
Touch. Target touched foe is knocked down. If target foe was enchanted that foe is knocked down for an additional 1 second. You gain 1...3...3 strikes of adrenaline.

Struggling Swing - 5Tango-energy2Tango-activation8Tango-recharge:
Hammer Attack. Target foe is struck for +19...36...40 damage. If this foe was suffering from a condition that foe is knocked down, otherwise target foe suffers from weakness for 10...14...15 seconds. If this attack misses you are knocked down.

Bellowing Shout - 5Tango-energy45Tango-recharge:
Shout. Foes within earshot become crippled and weakened for 3...8...9 seconds.

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