created Build:Me/any FA Psychic Chaos which got everywhere in PvP and PvE. That's it, really.


Gates of Kryta Farm

<pvxbig> [build prof=D/A Mystic=10+2 Scythe=12+3+1 EarthP=2 Shadow=8][Armor of Sanctity][Reap Impurities][Optional][Optional][Avatar of Balthazar][Heart of Fury][Optional][Shroud of Distress][/build]

Optional Optional 1 should be:
  • Banishing Strike [[Banishing Strike@12]
  • Mystic Sweep [[Mystic Sweep@12]
  • Chilling Victory [[Chilling Victory@16]
Optional Optional 2 should be:
  • Balthazar&#039;s Rage [[Balthazar's Rage@12]
  • Mystic Corruption [[Mystic Corruption@12]
Optional Optional 3 should be:
  • Mystic Vigor [[Mystic Vigor@12]
  • Watchful Intervention [[Watchful Intervention@12]
  • Aura Slicer [[Aura Slicer@12]
  • Death&#039;s Charge [[Death's Charge@8]

</pvxbig> <pvxbig> [build prof=A/D Scythe=12 Shadow=8+1 Earth=2 Critical=10+3+1 Mystic=0][Armor of Sanctity][Reap Impurities][Optional][Critical Agility@12][Critical Eye][Heart of Holy Flame][Shroud of Distress][Way of the Master][/build]

Optional Optional 1 should be:
  • Reaper&#039;s Sweep [[Reaper's Sweep@12]
  • Wounding Strike [[Wounding Strike@12]
  • Vow of Strength [[Vow of Strength@2]
  • Chilling Victory [[Chilling Victory@14]
  • Malicious Strike [[Malicious Strike@14]
  • Way of Perfection [[Way of Perfection@9]


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