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wts guild wars acc

Life will take it! Life Guardian 04:34, January 11, 2010 (UTC)
Is commenting on userpages the new pvxfad now?

Also, math question.

On Farmville:

A white egg has a chance of hatching a white or brown chicken, though more likely white than brown.

A brown egg has a chance of hatching a brown or black chicken, though more likely brown than black.

A black egg has a chance of hatching a black or golden chicken, though more likely black than gold.

A golden egg hatches a golden chicken.

Every day, you have a chance of receiving a single egg; the chance being determined by how many chickens you have (out of 20 max). The more chickens you have of a colour, the more likely that colour will be the colour of the egg (I think.)

White chickens can be bought. All other chickens must be hatched from your friends' eggs (you choose to either give away or discard any eggs you get from your chickens, kinda gay).

The paradox; I have a relatively high number of black chickens; a lot more than one would expect. Is this just because of psychology (people tend to discard their less valuable eggs and give away their more valuable ones), or does this mathematical system actually have a counter-intuitive glitch? And is anyone here considering actuarial sciences? (I pity your brain)

inb4 black person/kfc jokes; i'm actually srs

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