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==General Builds==
[[User:Orphus/Build: A/D PvE Shinigami]]
[[User:Orphus/Build: A/D PvE Shinigami]]
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[[User:Orphus/Build: W/E PvE Enduring Inferno]]
[[User:Orphus/Build: W/E PvE Enduring Inferno]]
==Farming Builds==
[[User:Orphus/Build: W/N Sorrow's Furnace Farmer]]

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Team Builds

User:Orphus/Team Build: Kathandrax Crusher

Build Collections

User:Orphus/Build Collection: Pre-Searing

General Builds

User:Orphus/Build: A/D PvE Shinigami

User:Orphus/Build: D/W PvE Symbolic Striker

User:Orphus/Build: E/A PvE Fire Dragon

User:Orphus/Build: Mo/E PvE Shield of Judgment

User:Orphus/Build: Rt/A PvE Spirit Daggers

User:Orphus/Build: Rt/D PvE Spirit Scythe

User:Orphus/Build: W/A PvE Symbolic Striker

User:Orphus/Build: W/D PvE Ebon Dust Warrior

User:Orphus/Build: W/D PvE Warrior of Sand

User:Orphus/Build: W/E PvE Enduring Inferno

Farming Builds

User:Orphus/Build: W/N Sorrow's Furnace Farmer

Build Templates

User:Orphus/Build Template: Caster Scytheway

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