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Profession ideas


List of Builds Made (and possibly failed)

Build:Rt/Mo Spirit BreezeAnti-pressure healer through Spirit Light.
Build:Mo/R Melandru's HealerAn anti-condition support healer.
Build:D/R Lyssa's BarrageUses Avatar of Lyssa and Volley to provide large amounts of damage under a fast barrage of arrows.
Build:N/any Minion Master's HeroDesigned to be a 2nd minion master to a team, raising an army without ever exploiting one corpse!
Build:N/E Warrior's BlightFun with Soul Binding.
Build:E/any Mind ShacklesUses Earthen Shackles in combination with Glyph of Immolation and Mind Blast to provide continuous degen, damage, and 90% slower.
Build:Me/D Unconventional Boon HealerServes as a heavy heal and anti-spike support with sufficient self-heal while utilizing professions which doesn't make it immediately apparent to enemy teams. Works well with protection monk or heal-protection hybrids.
Build:D/any Unconventional Party HealerSpecialized in party healing while allowing decent self-preservation and annonymity within a pvp team
Build:N/A No Escape SnarerServes as a melee helper to snare and counteract any possible anti-melee defense.
Build:Me/any FrustratorGoing to trash...
Build:Team - Interrupt ShutdownUtilizes Frustration to deal high amounts of armor-ignoring damage on interrupt with Critical Interrupters.
Build:A/N Anti-Melee BomberUses Locust's Fury with various Necromancer curses to deal large amounts of area of effect damage to surrounding melee fighters.
Build:W/N Block PunisherBuild specifically designed to make life difficult for those who put on blocking stances or enchantments.
Build:Me/A Debuffer Spike SupportBuild meant to remove enchantments and make target an easy kill.

Fictional Elites

This is a section I like to call 'Fictional Elites'. Here, you'll find all elites that I wish Guild Wars had or silly elites I'd never want added, but just for humor sake.

Aggressive LeadershipLeadership5 adrenaline/20 recharge
Stance. For 20 seconds, whenever you would gain energy in benefit of Leadership's Primary Attribute effect, you gain adrenaline instead. (50% chance to fail with Leadership 4 or less)
Clockwork BaneIllusion Magic15 energy/1 cast time/20 recharge
Hex Spell. For 30 seconds, whenever hex ends on target foe, that foe is interrupted and you gain 3..10 energy. When this hex ends, you lose 15 energy.
Dark RitualChanneling10 energy/10 cast time/45 recharge
Spell. While casting this spell, you gain +25 armor and cannot be set on fire. For each second casting this spell, you steal 10..30 life from all nearby foes. If Dark Ritual fails to finish, you lose 10 energy.
DedicationHealing Prayers-1 energy degneration/10 energy/10 recharge
Enchantment Spell. While you maintain this enchantment on target other ally, whenever you are healed, you are healed for 25%..75% less. Healing lost in this way is gained by target other ally instead.
DesperationWind Prayers10 energy/.25 cast time/10 recharge
Enchantment Spell. For 10 seconds, energy cost of skills is reduced to 0. For every point that would have been spent in this way, you lose 5..3 life instead. This spell causes exhaustion.
DogmaCurses10 energy/1 cast time/15 recharge
Hex Spell. For 5..15 seconds, whenever target foe successfully hits with an attack, that foe attacks 15% slower."
Drain ImpuritiesRestoration Magic5 energy/1 cast time/15 recharge
Spell. Remove all hexes and conditions from target ally. For each hex or condition removed in this way, you lose 5..2 energy.
Draw HexesBlood Magic0 energy/1 cast time/5 recharge
Signet. All hexes and their remaining durations on target ally are transfered to you. For each hex transfered in this way, your next hex spells last 10%..80% longer.
Endless WeaponCommuning10 energy/1 cast time/30 recharge
Weapon Spell. If target ally has a weapon spell, that weapon spell is renamed Endless Weapon with text "If you are casting a spell when this weapon spell ends, weapon spell is renewed and you lose energy equal to the casting cost of this weapon spell or Endless Weapon ends."
Feign DeathShadow Arts15 energy/0.25 cast time/60 recharge
Skill. When Feign Death is successfully cast, sacrifice 100% life. For 10 seconds, do nothing. When Feign Death ends, you are resurrected with life and energy equal to when Feign Death was called. Death penalty resulting from this skill is negated.
Fool's HexIllusion Magic5 energy/1 cast time/15 recharge
Hex spell. For 10 seconds, this hex does nothing. If Fool's Hex is removed prematurely by an ally of that foe, target foe takes 30..80 damage.
GatekeeperCommuning10 energy/5 cast time/45 recharge
Binding Spell. Summon level 1..8 Gatekeeper. When a spirit within range of Gatekeeper would lose life due to an effect, it loses 10%..50% less life. Spirits within range of Gatekeeper attack 10%..50% faster. When Gatekeeper dies, all spirits within range die. Spirit dies after 30..90 seconds.
Gaze of the LichCurses10 energy/1 cast time/20 recharge
Hex Spell. For 10 seconds, target foe suffers 1..2 energy degeneration. When Gaze of the Lich ends normally, target foe loses 4..10% max life. Gaze of the Lich ends prematurely if you die or are interrupted.
Ground ShotMarksmanship10 energy/.25 cast time/20 recharge
Bow Attack. This attack misses. Target foe is blinded for 4..12 seconds.
HopeInspiration Magic5 energy/.5 cast time/45 recharge
Enchantment Spell. For 5..15 seconds, if you are under 75% health, 3..10% of damage received is added to your energy. Enchantment removal spells which target Hope costs twice as much energy to activate.
Iron WillStrength8 adrenaline/30 recharge
Stance. For 15 seconds, you have a 10%..50% chance to evade interrupts and conditions and hexes expire on you 10%..50% faster.
Lethargy ParasiteDeath Magic10 energy/3 cast time/30 recharge
Hex Spell. For 5..25 seconds, Lethargy Parasite gives -1 health degeneration and causes target foe to move and attack 15% slower and causes knockdown if player is moving once every 8 seconds. If target foe avoids knockdown once in this way, Lethargy Parasite prematurely ends. Hex removal which targets Lethargy Parasite costs twice as much energy to cast.
Low BlowTactics7 adrenaline/recharge 10
Melee attack. Target foe is interrupted and you deal an additional +10..+30 damage to target foe. If target foe was casting a spell, that foe suffers exhaustion.
Lyssa's BalanceFast Casting10 energy/.25 cast time/20 recharge
Spell. Elite Spell. If target foe has more Energy than you, you gain half the difference (up to your maximum energy), and that foe loses an equal amount. For each point gained in this way, you lose 5 life. If target foe has less Energy than you, you lose half the difference (down to zero), and that foe gains an equal amount. For each point lost in this way, you gain 5 life. (50% chance to fail with Fast Casting 4 or less)
MaliceCurses10 energy/2 cast time/20 recharge
Spell. Last hex spell cast on target foe lasts twice its normal duration and gains text, "If hex is removed prematurely, hex's caster takes 120..30 dark damage."
MemoryFast Casting10 energy/1 cast time/60 recharge
Enchantment Spell. For 30 seconds, Memory does nothing. When Memory ends, your energy and recharge state of all spells except Memory are renewed to what they were when Memory was cast. If Memory ends prematurely, you lose all energy and your spells are disabled for 10 seconds. (50% chance to fail with Fast Casting 4 or less)
Nightmare ParasiteDeath Magic10 energy/3 cast time/30 recharge
Hex Spell. For 5..25 seconds, Nightmare Parasite gives -1 health degeneration and removes an enchantment once every 5 seconds. If an enchantment not is removed in this way twice in a row, Nightmare Parasite prematurely ends. Hex removal which targets Nightmare Parasite costs twice as much energy to cast.
Peace and Harmony (remake)Divine Favor5 energy/.25 cast time/30 recharge
Enchantment spell. For 0...24...30 seconds, you gain +1 energy regeneration. Whenever you cast a spell on an ally, that ally gains Peace and Harmony with remaining duration equal to the current duration of your Peace and Harmony. Peace and Harmony ends if you cast a spell or inflict damage against a foe.
Pious FateEarth Prayers10 energy/1 cast time/30 recharge
Enchantment Spell. For 5..15 seconds, whenever an enchantment ends on you, you lose one hex and one condition. If a hex or condition is not lost in this way, Pious Fate ends.
Razah's GazeCommuning5 energy/.25 cast time/15 recharge
Spell. Target enemy spirit shadow steps to your location becomes a spirit under your control. That spirit and all adjacent spirits gain 50..150 life.
Refined WeaponChanneling10 energy/1 cast time/30 recharge
Weapon Spell. If target ally has a weapon spell, that weapon spell is renamed Refined Weapon with text "Durations of this weapon spell last 13%...56% longer. Attacks deal an additional +10 piercing damage."
Service of the UndeadDeath Magic-1 energy degeneration/5 energy/4 cast time/10 recharge
Spell. Resurrect target ally with 100% life and 25%..75% energy and enchantment Service of the Undead which reads, "Target ally has -2 health degeneration and gains 5..15 life steal on attacks. Ally is considered an undead minion." If Service of the Undead is removed, target ally dies. Death penalty under Service of the Undead is negated.
VertigoIllusion Magic5 energy/1 cast time/15 recharge
Hex spell. For 5..15 seconds, if target foe uses an attack skill while under the effects of an enchantment, that foe is knocked down.
Victim's BaneBlood Magic10 energy/2 cast time/30 recharge
Hex spell. For 5..15 seconds, if target foe is healed and you have less life than target foe, you gain all heal benefit instead.
Well of FearCurses15 energy/2 cast time/30 recharge
Well spell. All skills cast by foes in range cost an additional 10%..50% energy.
WrecklessnessCommuning15 energy/5 cast time/30 recharge
Binding Ritual. Create a level 1...6...7 Spirit. All foes in this Spirit's range attack 10%..30% faster and have a 10%..30% chance to miss. For each attack missed in this way, all adjacent foes to that foe take 10..30 damage and spirit loses 43 life. This Spirit dies after 15...39 seconds.
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