Stats about PVX-Leanden
This user probably never will have achieved the title Defender of Ascalon
This user has:

68.0 percent of Tyria
25.2 percent of Cantha
34.4 percent of Elona
0 Kurzick Faction
2,000 Luxon Faction
2,537 Sunspear Points
110 Lightbringer Points
{{{14}}} Fame
{{{15}}} Gladiator Points

This user has 3 Commander Points
This user has gained a total of 24,332 Balthazar Faction
This user has reached level 0 of the Survivor Title.
This user has played Guild Wars 829 hours over 20 months.

User Boxes!


This user is primarily a PvE player.

Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
WISE This user is a Member of WISE, a part of the CROW alliance.
'Help Me!' This user is A User Page Thief
Warrior-icon This user is a Warrior by nature.
1 This user plays Campaign One, Guild Wars Prophecies.
2 This user plays Campaign Two, Guild Wars Factions.
3 This user plays Campaign Three, Guild Wars Nightfall.
Faction (Kurzick) These guilds have pledged allegiance to the Kurzick alliance.
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Europe 70x40 This user plays for the territory of Europe.

Currently Working On

Builds that noone else has done, and ripping user pages from successful admins.

My builds and stuff



Starting university and attaining LDoA

Leanden (talk · contributions) 16:54, 3 July 2007 (CEST)

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