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Morrock Windragon is my main. All others share the same last name. I've been playing since the beta's. Recently starting playing again for the first time in a year (So expect me to be way out of the Metagame for a while.) Back when I played heavily I was pretty good at group pvp and most people new me for the builds I was constantly testing. They were usually very good but took far too much teamwork for anyone to pull off. People who liked my builds got me into Ward Against Stupidty (they still around?) I never really liked that guild. I also healed in a few of War Machine Intl's GvG's as a Ritualist when factions came out.

I love laughing at people who take the game so seriously. It's a GAME. So what if I'm running a hamstorm in the Random Arenas, or trying to pull off some builds from the good ol' days; I'm having fun, not being a n00b.

North America 70x40 This user plays for the territory of North America.

Ranger-icon This user is a Ranger by nature.

Martyr Martyr is Morrock's favorite skill.


Erecting A Dispenser [EAD]


Nothing much on pvx wiki yet. I have noticed a few of my own builds have been posted on here, I don't care.

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Just some links for me to hold on to.

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