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Need people to GvG with.


THEORY: Builds have a higher chance of better votes when skill colors synergize. FURTHER TESTING NECESSARY!

Best Build Ever:here

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Satish's Underused Build of the Week

Ritualist-icon-small/Assassin-icon-small AB Support Rit

Clamor of Souls Ancestor's Rage Splinter Weapon Weapon of Warding Soothing Memories Wielder's Boon Protective Was Kaolai Dash

Support in AB never hurt. Can be a valuable addition to any team.

Suggestions/Comments: here.

Godbox's Random TB Creation of the Whenever I Make A New Build
Dismember Power Attack Protector's Strike Apply Poison Scavenger's Focus Frenzy Natural Stride Resurrection Signet
Gale Crushing Blow Hammer Bash Glyph of Energy Bull's Strike Flail Enraging Charge Resurrection Signet
Keen Arrow Savage Shot Distracting Shot Oath Shot Read the Wind Favorable Winds Quickening Zephyr Flesh of My Flesh
Keen Arrow Savage Shot Distracting Shot "Go for the Eyes!" Scavenger's Focus Barbed Arrows Lightning Reflexes Resurrection Signet
Barbs Order of the Vampire Defile Defenses Rip Enchantment "Fall Back!" "Make Haste!" Song of Concentration Resurrection Signet
Channeled Strike Resilient Weapon Weapon of Warding Pure Was Li Ming Life Martyr Aura of Stability Death Pact Signet
Power Drain Patient Spirit Dwayna's Kiss Cure Hex Infuse Health Contemplation of Purity Mantra of Recall Divine Boon
Power Drain Reversal of Fortune Spirit Bond Shield of Absorption Guardian Contemplation of Purity Mantra of Recall Divine Boon

What's up with that ugly space between the skillbars? D: Scavenger's Focus with QZ allows for constant maintaining, and it's not a stance! Free attackspamming. Use half-recharge Mantra of Recharge to be able to run boonmonks. Very strong spike. CLICK! Cute McMonkey


Moebius Strike This user is a Master Assassin.
Wounding Strike This user is a Master Dervish.

North America 70x40 This user plays for the territory of North America.
Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.

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Stop Hand
This is a build that demonstrates failed techniques that have been used before. Please refer here for more information.
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