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These are my characters. I have all 3 campaigns plus an additional 2 character slots I bought from the Guild Wars Store. All of my characters are PvE. The only class I'm missing right now is mesmer. I hope to purchase an additional slot to make one. Out of all my characters I've spent the most time on my Warrior, which shows as he has the most rare weapons and armor. My Monk and Ranger are second, my monk with elite armor and my ranger with numerous rare bows. My paragon is my newest character, and is only lvl 10. As for the rest of my characters, they are lvl 20.


Character: A W K W A R D
Class: Paragon
Armor: Elonian

Exodus Shatterbane

Character: Exodus Shatterbane
Class: Monk
Armor: Elite Judges

Exodus Spiritrift

Character: Exodus Spiritrift
Class: Elementalist
Armor: Krytan

I Am Not You

Character: I Am Not You
Class: Warrior
Armor: Ancient, Elite Platemail, Elite Dragon, Elite Gladiator

Mad Cashier Skills

Character: Mad Cashier Skills
Class: Ranger
Armor: Druid

Seargant Nibbles

Character: Seargant Nibbles
Class: Necromancer
Armor: Fanatic

Shadowed Nightmares

Character: Shadowed Nightmares
Class: Assassin
Armor: Imperial

Smothered Screams

Character: Smothered Screams
Class: Dervish
Armor: Sunspear w/Elonian Hood

Subliminal Messages

Character: Subliminal Messages
Class: Ritualist
Armor: Imperial

Unem Ployed

Character: Unem Ployed
Class: Elementalist
Armor: Iceforged

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