Here are some of my builds, most aren't very good. They give people seizures as you can see in the picture.


Build:Me/Rt HA Keystone

Build:Me/Rt Artificer's Migraine

Build:Me/any Stolen Speed Support

Build: W/any CM Warrior

Build:W/any Forceful Warrior

Build:W/Me Frenzy Smash - Too manly for PvX

Build:R/D PvE Pet Scythe - Excellent

Build:N/Mo Discord Smite Support - Excellent

Build:Mo/A Shadow ZB - Good

Build:E/Rt TC Hero - Good

Build:Team - AB Escape Way Excellent Archived: Various Nerfs

Build:Me/A Dominating Insecurity - Great, Archived: Nerf to MoI

Build:Mo/N Cultist's Support Smiter - Great (Archived)

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