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Me Blabbing on and on :)

Hi. I just make use of my time by getting my guys through stories preferably nightfall. I've kind of memorized each mission lol. I don't know much on the wiki yet but I'll be sure to change this page when it comes time for me to be bored (inspired ^_^) again. Ask me anything or let me know how annoying I've been to you on my talk page.


Name: Palin Ardent Name Affiliation: Avicara Birds have Avicara Ardents, liked it so named him that Profession:Paragon

Name: Sunspear Palin Name Affiliation: Order of Sunspears Profession:Dervish

Name: Palin Blade Name Affiliation: 1st Char ever, lol like every noob I chose hack and slash dude Profession: Warrior

Name: Palin Oni Name Affiliation: Oni from Japanese Folklore, Oni kickasses from GW. Working on him though just started Profession: Necromancer

Name: Palin Guile Name Affiliation: Avicara Birds have Avicara Guile, liked it so slapped it on him and pressed "create", muhahaha I am God! Profession: Ranger

Name: Palin Mykil Name Affiliation: 55 Monk own you, My KILL. Profession: Monk

Images (Not a Fan of Elite Armor, waste of money, I like money I have 8 Black Dye never used them)

laters I guess,


Boredom caused me to write. Let Me know how fugly it is.

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