Assassin rebalance idea.

Change the way attack chains are constructed so they reward players for playing the game rather than playing a prescripted sequence they planned out long before they even saw their opponents. Players fulfilling requirements on their lead attacks are rewarded with the equivalent of a lead skip. For instance:

Disrupting Stab and Exhausting Strike. Currently ES follows a lead attack making DS and ES a very 121212121212 affair where you dont really even need to worry about trying to hit. What it could be is:

  • Disrupting Stab. Lead attack. Interrupts skills being used by target foe. If target foe was casting a spell, that spell is disabled for x..y..z seconds and Disrupting Stab counts as an Off-hand attack.
  • Exhausting Assault. Must follow an off-hand attack. Interrupts target foe's action. If target foe was casting a Spell, target foe suffers from Exhaustion.

Another example is Golden Phoenix Strike:

  • Golden Phoenix Strike. Lead attack. If you are enchanted, Golden Phoenix Strike does +x..y..z damage and counts as an Off-hand attack.

Off-hands can also reward players for fulfilling conditions by activating double strikes.

  • Jungle Strike. Off-hand attack. Deals +x..y..z damage. If target foe is crippled, you double strike and Jungle Strike counts as a Dual attack.
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