Sealed Deck GvG Scrimmage

  • Standard GvG rules apply; Kill each other, run flags, gank the Guild Lord.
  • Team 1 use the [kisu] sealed deck generator to generate a page of random skills for their entire team to use. (20 skills per person involved by default).
  • Team 2 uses the same collection of skills randomly generated for Team 1 so that neither team has an advantage.
  • Each team must use the skills allocated to create 1 build for each team member. The hands are mainly for organization; you are allowed to create builds with skills from any of the available hands.
  • You may only use the skills as many times as they appear. If there was only 1 copy of Eviscerate generated, then only 1 person in your team may use it. If there are 2 copies, then up to 2 people may use it, and so on.
  • Each player has the option to also select 1 non-elite "wildcard" skill from their chosen Primary profession.
  • All players are allowed to take a Resurrection Signet in addition to their wildcard skill.
  • If you are using any Beast Mastery skills, you are allowed to take Charm Animal and Comfort Animal in addition to your wildcard skill and Resurrection Signet.
  • If you use a Dagger Mastery skill you may also take Desperate Strike and Fox Fangs in addition to your wildcard and Resurrection Signet.
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