Expert's Dexterity.jpg This user was the only hardcore fan of the outdated version of the Ranger elite Expert's Dexterity.
Name This user has been cursed at by others in-game for using the name 'Paragon City' first.

In-Game Name

Paragon City - PvP Paragon Captain No Fun - PvP Necromancer Fun With My Scythe - PvP Dervish Fat Was Wow Addict - PvP Ritualist Experts Dexterity - PvP Ranger Daria X - PvP Elementalist Paige San - PvP Assassin Paige Maxson - PvP Warrior Howie Felter - PvP Mesmer (Used to be named Angorodons Gaze before the nerf... guess what he ran and helped make famous?) Brother Mhenlol - PvP Monk Alphabet Soap - PvE Monk

Guild History

Past:The Skeletons of Society[SoS]. Used to be in the top 100 ranks, I think the highest we got was rank 42. This all was WAY back in the day(I'm talking before Factions even came out).

Present: 1Mind Gaming Society[Mind]

Builds I Have Created That Have, or Had, Been Vetted

Builds I Have Created That Failed Being Vetted

  • None so far, I hope to keep it this way.

Experimental Build Ideas

  • W/Me Decapitate Warrior using Signet of Recall for energy after Decapitate(Which removes all adrenaline and energy)


This is the home of an epic Elementalist/Paragon build, which I hope to discover someday. Skillbar will continually change until I find SOMETHING that works with this class combination.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Elementalist/Paragon Air=12+1+1 EnergyStorage=9+1 Fire=8 Spear=5] [Glyph of Immolation][Shell Shock][Chest Thumper][Enervating Charge][Lightning Hammer][Blinding Surge][Glyph of Restoration][Air Attunement] [/build] </pvxbig>

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