This build uses a monk/ranger to set up the basic 55hp enchantments on an elementalist, so the elementalist is free to deal large amounts of AoE damage to nearby foes, for a quick farm in various areas through out the game. The key advantage is the ability to snare which will allow farming multiples of enemies at once in Hard Mode with more ease.

Spirit Enchanter-Monk/Ranger

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Monk/Ranger healing=6+3 Divine=12+1+3 beast=11][Balthazar's spirit][Mending][Watchful Spirit][Succor][Blessed Sig][Edge of Extinction][Blessed Aura][Spell Breaker][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Any max AL armor with insignias of personal preference, but radiant insignias would be ideal. The Divine Favor head piece is a must, as well as a superior divine favor rune, and superior healing.
  • A set of HCT and HSR 20% for divine favor would be ideal, with a second weapon set with a 20% longer enchantment mod to use with spell breaker for a longer duration.

Invinci Ele-Elementalist/Monk

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Elementalist/Monk Fire=12+1+3 Energy=7+3 Protection=9 water=5+3 Healing=4][Protective Spirit][Healing breeze][Frozen Burst][Savannah heat] [Flame Djinn's haste][Inferno][Flame burst][Glyph of concentration][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Change glyph of concentration for Fire Attunement or Conjure Flame
  • Change Frozen burst for Deep Freeze for a longer slowed movement duration at the cost of an additional 10 energy
  • Rebirth could be switched for any other resurrect skill
  • If you can time your skills right and avoid interrupts you might want to change glyph of concentration for another AoE skill e.g. Flame Burst


  • Any armor will do it's not essential to have max AL armor, but you must have the fire head piece.
  • 5 Superior runes-at least 1 of each fire, water and energy storage, however you can't have any vigor or vitae runes.
  • Insignias of choice-ideally radiant for additional energy.
  • The -50hp offhand grim ceasta from the Cities of Ascalon quest is required to bring your Hp down to 55.
  • Any fire req. wand and offhand that has a combination of 2 of the following:
    • Fire magic +1 (20%)
    • HCT of fire magic (20%)
    • HSR of fire magic (20%)
  • A second weapon set with a 20% longer enchantment mod is optional.


  • Before you go anywhere the Monk should cast all maintaining enchantments onto the ele-and blessed aura onto self
  • When you find a group of monsters stay just out of aggro and do the following:
    • The Monk should put up edge of extinction (EoE)
    • The Monk then casts Spell Breaker on the elementalist
  • The Elementalist should then run into the group and cast Protective spirit, and healing breeze as a cover.
  • The Monk should try and keep spell breaker on the elementalist, and use EoE and blessed sig as required.
  • The Elementalist should cast in the following order, when the monsters have have gathered around him/her-trying to keep protective spirit on where possiable:
    • Frozen burst
    • Savannah heat
      • Protective spirit (use Glyph of concentration to prevent Interrupts)
    • Frozen burst
    • Inferno
    • Flame Djinn's haste
    • Protective Spirit
    • Frozen Burst
    • Flame burst
  • This should wipe out most mobs but if not-inferno and flame djinn's haste have a 10 second recharge, and flame burst has a 5 sec recharge, so if you take the blows until they've recharged you should be able to finish of any survivors.
  • If there are too many monks in the mob: use frozen burst, then flame djinn's haste to escape.
  • The monk should stay far enough away to avoid aggro if the monsters kite, but still be able to maintain the enchantments.
  • Spam Frozen burst when it's recharged to prevent kiting.
  • Use Protective spirit when possiable without problems of interruption, or if urgently needed.


  • The main counter with this is enchantment removal. Most skills that remove enchantments can be prevented with Spell breaker and allow time to kill those that use such skills. However some skills can get past spell breaker e.g. Expunge Enchantments.
  • Another big problem is if the monk dies. Without the monk alive the enchantments being maintained on the elementalist will fail, however if this happens, the elementalist should use Protective Spirit then Flame Djinn's Haste, to immediately lose aggro, and resurrect the monk when safe.
  • If the monk is too far away from the elementalist the enchantments being maintained will be lost and have to be recast.


  • Neither build requires the factions campaign and the monk only requires prophecies.

See Also

  • 55hp guide
    • This explains the basic concept of 55ing, although it explains 55ing for monks the basic concept is the same through out the classes.
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