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This is just a place hold for me to place my to-do list. Things under "wiki" are things that relate generally to the wiki. Where as "user space" is stuff relating to my user space (duh). "Cross-Over" i.e. start something in my user space which will be moved to the required name space later for the whole community to work on (hopefully...).
Most important thing in my life: figuring out an idea to commit the most painfull suicide ever, then actually doing it. [[User:Unexist|<font color="green">—ǘŋ</font>]][[User talk:Unexist|<font color="black">Ɛxɩsƫ</font>]] 15:16, 2 June 2009 (UTC)
Order of importance:
*Currently the order they're listed.
**Newbie/featured build guides can be done whenever.
==Finish Tagging images==
Still need to finish going through the few thousand images we have on the wiki and give them the appropriate tag
===[[User:Phenaxkian/Crap|Tag skill icons]]===
*This will be a large portion of the images.
*Finished up to '''K'''
===[[:Category:Suspected_copyright_violations|Copyright Violations]]===
*Finish tagging required images with copyright.
*There will obviously be a large number of copyright violations, so these need to be dealt with quickly
**Is contacting the uploader necessary if nothing is done bout the tag within a certain period of time?
***Consider creating something to [[gww:Guild_Wars_Wiki:List_of_candidates_for_deletion|gww]]. Talk to [[gww:User:poke|poke]].
===[[Special:UncategorizedFiles|Uncategorised Images]]===
Go through and tag as necessary.
==Build Download Pack==
Basically there have been a lot of requests for the ability to download all the builds in a given section (e.g. all great HB builds.)
===Get templates===
*Probably a community effort (get one person to do one section etc.)
**The templates would be placed in a ZIP/RAR file most likely.
===Host it===
*If we wished the ZIP/RAR to be hosted here, we'd have to contact wikia and ask them to enable the upload of said file types on PvX (Possibly restrict to admin only...)
**In the event wikia can't/won't allow us to upload ZIP/RARs we need to find somewhere that can reliably host it.
*These "packs" will probably need uploading every so often (once every month/2 months?)
==Newbie Guides==
People are wanting a "newbie" section. While that's not really ideal, a guide per profession saying "unlock/buy this ASAP" would be ideal.
*Create a guide per profession
*a couple of the more meta builds to aim for (i.e. unlock/buy/cap skills asap)
**Split unlock/buy skills into seperate games for those that don't have them all possibly?
*A couple of tips for playing the profession (good secondary prof., the better atts. and skills.)
==Guide to featuring builds==
People seem to have a lot of trouble featuring builds, so a small guide, with screen shots can be linked to under the "usage" section of the template, to help.
*Take screen shots (even of simple things like clicking edit.)
*Create the guide and reference the screen shots.
==[[User:Phenaxkian/Urgoz_Warren|Urgoz Guide]]==
To be done:
===In my userspace===
*Essentialy "finish" the guide
**Finish the area sections up to about area 10?
*When done in userspace, move to the "Guide" namespace.
*Finish the rest of it off with community assistance.
==Character pages==
I only have one that looks remotely done, another is pretty much a place holder. The rest are all blank.
===Character images===
I need to get some nice images of each character.
*Take a screen of the chracter in action
*Photoshop the character so they're on a transparent background
**Save as a new file
*Edit the new file
**Play with saturation and colour mainly (some of the more subtle filters could also be used)
***Save finished image as yet another new image
===Wiki page===
Set up the wiki pages to follow my current ones.
*"Background"s for all of them.
**Have the edited image of the character next to this section.
*Info about their name (if applicable)
*In game information
**Main areas of play.
**Main builds
*Add a section of primary class Elites to show which are captured and which need capturing?

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Most important thing in my life: figuring out an idea to commit the most painfull suicide ever, then actually doing it. —ǘŋƐxɩsƫ 15:16, 2 June 2009 (UTC)

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