This is just a place hold for me to place my to-do list. Things under "wiki" are things that relate generally to the wiki. Where as "user space" is stuff relating to my user space (duh). "Cross-Over" i.e. start something in my user space which will be moved to the required name space later for the whole community to work on (hopefully...).

Order of importance:

  • Skill descriptions.
  • Otherwise Currently the order they're listed.
    • Newbie guide(s) can be done whenever.


Finish Tagging images

Still need to finish going through the few thousand images we have on the wiki and give them the appropriate tag

Tag skill icons

  • This will be a large portion of the images.

Copyright Violations

  • Finish tagging required images with copyright.
  • There will obviously be a large number of copyright violations, so these need to be dealt with quickly
    • Is contacting the uploader necessary if nothing is done bout the tag within a certain period of time?
      • Consider creating something to gww. Talk to poke.

Uncategorised Images

Go through and tag as necessary.

Build Download Pack

  • These "packs" need uploading every so often.

Newbie Guides

People are wanting a "newbie" section. While that's not really ideal, a guide per profession saying "unlock/buy this ASAP" would be ideal.

  • Create a guide per profession
  • a couple of the more meta builds to aim for (i.e. unlock/buy/cap skills asap)
    • Split unlock/buy skills into seperate games for those that don't have them all possibly?
  • A couple of tips for playing the profession (good secondary prof., the better atts. and skills.)

Skill discriptions

Need to contact wikia and ask them to put me in touch with whoever is in charge of PvXcode.

  • Mention that descriptions of split skills aren't displaying properly (e.g. some show PvE, some show PvP and some are a mix of both)
  • Inquire about PvE/PvP split (is it possiable, and can it be used with PvXbig by using "skill (PvP)" (the PvP skills would have (PvP) because that's how it is in game)).

Delete crap

I mean the stuff that no-one clears out (such as redirects and double redirects, and broken redirects etc.).

Build categories

  • Categories such as Category:Nightfall Builds are out of date.
  • Go through all Vetted builds and update the categories on each page.
    • Do either by profession or by area.


Urgoz Guide

To be done:

In my userspace

  • Essentialy "finish" the guide
    • Finish the area sections up to about area 10?


  • When done in userspace, move to the "Guide" namespace.
  • Finish the rest of it off with community assistance.


Character pages

I only have one that looks remotely done, another is pretty much a place holder. The rest are all blank.

Character images

I need to get some nice images of each character.

  • Take a screen of the chracter in action
  • Photoshop the character so they're on a transparent background
    • Save as a new file
  • Edit the new file
    • Play with saturation and colour mainly (some of the more subtle filters could also be used)
      • Save finished image as yet another new image

Wiki page

Set up the wiki pages to follow my current ones.

  • "Background"s for all of them.
    • Have the edited image of the character next to this section.
  • Info about their name (if applicable)
  • In game information
    • Main areas of play.
    • Main builds
  • Add a section of primary class Elites to show which are captured and which need capturing?
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