This is just a place hold for me to place my to-do list. Things under "wiki" are things that relate generaly to the wiki. Where as "user space" is stuff relating to my user space (duh). "Cross-Over" i.e. start something in my user space which will be moved to the required name space later for the whole community to work on (hopefully...).

Order of importance:


Finish Tagging images

Still need to finish going through the few thousand images we have on the wiki and give them the appropriate tag

Tag skill icons

  • This will be a large portion of the images.
  • Finished up to K

Copyright Violations

  • Finish tagging required images with copyright.
  • There will obviously be a large number of copyright violations, so these need to be dealt with quickly
    • Is contacting the uploader necessary if nothing is done bout the tag within a certain period of time?
      • Consider creating something to gww. Talk to poke.

Uncategorised Images

Go through and tag as necessary.

Build Download Pack

Basically there have been a lot of requests for the ability to download all the builds in a given section (e.g. all great HB builds.)

Get templates

  • Probably a community effort (get one person to do one section etc.)
    • The templates would be placed in a ZIP/RAR file most likely.

Host it

  • If we wished the ZIP/RAR to be hosted here, we'd have to contact wikia and ask them to enable the upload of said file types on PvX (Possibly restrict to admin only...)
    • In the event wikia can't/won't allow us to upload ZIP/RARs we need to find somewhere that can reliably host it.


  • These "packs" will probably need uploading every so often (once every month/2 months?)


Urgoz Guide

To be done:

In my userspace

  • Essentialy "finish" the guide
    • Finish the area sections up to about area 10?


  • When done in userspace, move to the "Guide" namespace.
  • Finish the rest of it off with community assistance.


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