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== HA Healer ==
{{skill bar|Word of Healing|Patient Spirit|Dwayna's Kiss|Signet of Rejuvenation|Divine Healing|Heaven's Delight|Cure Hex|Power Drain}}
== GvG Healer ==
{{skill bar|Guardian|Word of Healing|Patient Spirit|Signet of Rejuvenation|Mend Ailment|Cure Hex|Return|Dark Escape}}
= In thought process =
== GvG Prot ==
{{skill bar|Guardian|Boon Signet|Reversal of Fortune|Shielding Hands|Aura of Stability|Mend Ailment|Deny Hexes|Balanced Stance}}
Heroes and henchmen run out of energy pretty quickly, hence boon signet as energy management.
== GvG Elementalist ==
{{skill bar|Air Attunement|Thunderclap|Shell Shock|Lightning Bolt|Enervating Charge|Armor of Sanctity|Aura of Restoration|Resurrection Signet}}
Mind Shock is an alternative here, but I would hate to see it become abused in spike builds.
== GvG Defensive Mesmer ==
{{skill bar|Water Attunement|Water Trident|Shard Storm|Blurred Vision|Freezing Gust|Drain Enchantment|Power Drain|Resurrection Signet}}
Water Trident might be too powerful here when coupled with AI as they are able to use it perfectly in a sense. Icy Shackles might be a better choice if AI uses it too well.
== HA Elementalist ==
{{skill bar|Earth Attunement|Unsteady Ground|Eruption|Grasping Earth|Ward Against Foes|Ward Against Melee|Glyph of Lesser Energy|Resurrection Signet}}
Quite a standard earth bar, it's actually quite balanced compared to other ele-oriented AoE builds. Lol mblast and SH.
== HA Ritualist ==
{{skill bar|Destructive Was Glaive|Bloodsong|Agony|Protective Was Kaolai|Spirit Siphon|Life|Recovery|Resurrection Signet}}
I like lots of big yellow numbers when I double drop DWG. I hope it's the same for this hero.

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