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| info = Yummy yam crackers
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Lightningbolt sig Yummy yam crackers


You can add me @Pika Fan in-game if you like to experiment with builds like I do!

This page is used to store all the builds and their links I create. Nothing fancy as I prefer it to be as simple as possible.

My created builds so far:

  1. Build:Team - UA/HB Mimicry
  2. Build:N/Mo Blood Smiter Support
  3. Build:Mo/N ZB Shrine Defender

Lol builds section:

  1. Lol Number 1


Started GvGing again, Perma-Pre and HM PvE atm.

  1. Find parties to play HM dungeons and missions
  2. Train a lvl 20 char in pre.
  3. Watching out for the moment I overstay my welcome. I seem to attract a lot of unwanted politics, heh.
  4. Preventing my mouth, or in this case hands, from saying/typing as much as possible.
  5. Much much much better at telegraphing, next goal is to infuse faster and be more consistent when catching spikes.

Current GvG Teambuild

  1. Current GvG Teambuild

Favourite Build of the Month



Mah lightning peekture:[1] PikaFanLightningbolt sig 17:17, 27 September 2008 (EDT)

Pika Fan Sandbox

Current list of games I am active on

  1. Atlantica Online(Mycenae)
  2. DotA
  3. Guild Wars


Likes yam cream crackers?


Can't access gww and Something wrong with their servers or my isp.PikaFanLightningbolt sig 08:40, 14 December 2008 (EST)


Caaatface he has a big cat's face and he has a body of a cat and a face of a cat, and he flies through the air coz hes got a catface, catface!

Lolworthy quote: "Parents, always include fishheads into your halloween treatbox, yeah? They are full of proteins, which is good for the growing."


Faacecat he is a big face cat, he has a face of a cat and a body of a cat, and he flies through the air coz he is a facecat, facecat!

Lolworthy quote: "Facecat was in the kitchen, facing around.......(in comes catface) 'Hey shoo off with you eh, get back in there. Honestly, when you open a (cat)flap to another dimension, all sorts of riffraff comes through...'"


File:Lol1 pika.jpg

File:Lol2 pika.jpg

File:Lol3 pika.jpg

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