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You can add me @Pika Fan in-game if you like to experiment with builds like I do!

This page is used to store all the builds and their links I create. Nothing fancy as I prefer it to be as simple as possible.

My created builds so far:

  1. Build:Team - UA/HB Mimicry
  2. Build:N/Mo Blood Smiter Support
  3. Build:Mo/N ZB Shrine Defender

Lol builds section:

  1. Lol Number 1


Guildless again =)

Current GvG Teambuild

  1. Current GvG Teambuild

Favourite Build of the Month



  • Mah lightning peekture:[1]

PikaFanLightningbolt sig 17:17, 27 September 2008 (EDT)

  • Chrismas Pika Pic:[2]

PikaFan19x19px 22:06, 27 December 2008 (EST)

Pika Fan Sandbox

Current list of games I am active on

  1. Atlantica Online(Mycenae)
  2. DotA
  3. Guild Wars
  4. Runes of Magic


Brb Partyvan [cP] 981 ?-?

Gnisir Leber [rwar] RIP

Enihcam Raw [MW] RIP

Guild ragequit again <3


Caaatface he has a big cat's face and he has a body of a cat and a face of a cat, and he flies through the air coz hes got a catface, catface!

Lolworthy quote: "Parents, always include fishheads into your halloween treatbox, yeah? They are full of proteins, which is good for the growing."


Faacecat he is a big face cat, he has a face of a cat and a body of a cat, and he flies through the air coz he is a facecat, facecat!

Lolworthy quote: "Facecat was in the kitchen, facing around.......(in comes catface) 'Hey shoo off with you eh, get back in there. Honestly, when you open a (cat)flap to another dimension, all sorts of riffraff comes through...'"


File:Lol1 pika.jpg

File:Lol2 pika.jpg

File:Lol3 pika.jpg

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