About Me

I have been an active member of GWW and I decided to migrate to the notorious PvX Wiki home of the "wiki noobs". I look forward to contributing to the wiki, vetting builds, and (possibly) posting builds of my own. I also need user tags. Feel free to leave any tips,hints, comments, helpful advice, or personal attacks on my user page. Now to figure out how to make a sig.....Psychiatric Consultant 15:07, 18 July 2008 (EDT)

User:Psychiatric Consultant/Sig

Random Crap (feel free 2 browse)


Build:Expel Smiter

Build:Mo/any Judgement Smite

Build:Team HA Defyway


Build:Team - Headway

Build:D/any Onslaught Dervish

Build:Team - HA Illusion Pressure

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