I'm not r6, I'm r3. Mighty hero. The name is basically 'Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 guru', since I'm an elite rank high-density insane mode farmer. 50 vs 1, and what's the chances of anything coming from Mars? A million to one? Didn't bloody well stop 'em, eh?

Gotta retouch this build

Prodickery, ingame bans and voodoo people.

Can't play right now, 60 hours to go until fagnet unblocks me for my campaign of ./uninstall

Lawl, Napalm's considered #1 ANI and #3 of all time on AR. So i herd being a flagship cannon chaingunning tank that solo holds against 15 of the top100 is called being fucking awesome.

My builds

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Build:Team - Endurance Pressure

Build:R/W Applied Cripslash

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