1 This user plays Campaign One, Guild Wars Prophecies.
2 This user plays Campaign Two, Guild Wars Factions.

This user plays both PvE & PvP.

Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Europe 70x40 This user plays for the territory of Europe.
Necromancer-icon This user is a Necromancer by nature.
Warrior-icon This user is a Warrior by nature.
Mesmer-icon This user is a Mesmer by nature.
GW2 This user will definitely play Guild Wars 2.
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About Me

I will forever be a noob in Guild Wars. While I adore the game and get massive enjoyment from playing, I am simply a mediocre player at best - and I'm not ashamed to admit it! We can't all be uber players with every title maxed out and a dozen sets of elite armor.

Account Titles:
Protector of Tyria
Companion of the Kurzicks (rank 3)


Lord Aerentitus, Warrior (lvl 20)

Has Beaten: Prophecies
Title: Tyrian Explorer (68.8% and counting)
Build: At the moment I am using a self-made Dragonslash Spam build. Since I only have the Prophecies and Factions Campaigns, my choices as to skill set are limited.

Malika Hatay, Necromancer (lvl 20)

Has Beaten: Factions
Build: Mostly Echo SS Nuker. She can also run a MM build, but I need lots of practice with it before I can be confident.

D J Moose, Mesmer (lvl 14)

Has Beaten: Nada
Build: Very noobish, so he doesn't have a set build yet. I'm hoping to go with something like a Fast-Casting nuker for PvP use; but I'm not positive yet.
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