March MATs:

Playoff - Burning Isle - #1 You Failed [uF] vs #106 Chaos Equilibrium [eQ]

You Failed [uF] (blue) - WinnerEdit

  • W/E Mr Dogs
Executioner's Strike Frenzy Shock Disrupting Chop Bull's Strike Eviscerate Rush Optional
  • W/Rt Mr W O L F
Hammer Bash Flail Enraging Charge Death Pact Signet Crushing Blow Bull's Strike Magehunter's Smash Optional
  • P/Me Elf Bang Bung
Vicious Attack "Go for the Eyes!" Cruel Spear Anthem of Flame Aggressive Refrain Cry of Frustration "Never Surrender!" Resurrection Signet
  • Me/Rt Bounty Was Xena
Diversion Shame Signet of Humility Energy Surge Shatter Enchantment Flesh of My Flesh Power Leak Optional
  • E/N Pomme De Rainette
Rend Enchantments Blinding Surge Lightning Orb Gale Gaze of Contempt Ward Against Melee Glyph of Lesser Energy Air Attunement
  • Mo/E I Spartan Oo I
Gift of Health Guardian Restore Condition Spirit Bond Glyph of Lesser Energy Reversal of Fortune Holy Veil Aegis
  • Mo/E Petit Lu Q Q
Dismiss Condition Aegis Shield of Absorption Holy Veil Word of Healing Glyph of Lesser Energy Protective Spirit Optional
  • Rt/A Malekith Wands Ftw
Dash Caretaker's Charge Protective Was Kaolai Soothing Memories Splinter Weapon Recuperation Ancestors' Rage Optional

Chaos Equilibrium [eQ] (red)Edit

  • W/E Sylvanas Soulhunter
Eviscerate Bull's Strike Frenzy Rush Body Blow Disrupting Chop Shock Optional
  • W/Rt Hotspoorn Oo
Enraging Charge Flail Crushing Blow Magehunter's Smash Rush Death Pact Signet Hammer Bash Bull's Strike
  • P/Me Avarax Ma Dzide
"Go for the Eyes!" Vicious Attack Cruel Spear Anthem of Flame "Never Surrender!" Power Return Aggressive Refrain Optional
  • E/Me Harper Ex Machina
Air Attunement Blinding Surge Lightning Orb Hex Breaker Gale Resurrection Signet Ward Against Melee Glyph of Lesser Energy
  • Me/Rt Yennefer Mesmeriser
Diversion Power Leak Shatter Enchantment Shame Flesh of My Flesh Revealed Enchantment Hex Eater Vortex Power Drain
  • Mo/E White Guest For
Reversal of Fortune Dismiss Condition Shield of Deflection Aegis Glyph of Lesser Energy Aura of Stability Spirit Bond Holy Veil
  • Mo/E Hung Da Monk
Word of Healing Glyph of Lesser Energy Aegis Protective Spirit Infuse Health Dismiss Condition Patient Spirit Optional
  • Rt/A Kasperov Kox
Splinter Weapon Weapon of Warding Dash Offering of Spirit Recuperation Ancestors' Rage Wielder's Boon Protective Was Kaolai
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