Dear remaining users:

This is really me, so don't undo the edit.

I will be going now. I have not played GW in months. I never see myself starting again. The wiki is mostly dead, as the majority of active users have left. a quick glance at the rapid slowdown of recent changes/recent ratings will convince you of that. I enjoyed my time here, and I like to think that I had some small influence on the game and the wiki, but i'm probably just kidding myself--certainly for the first build, as it's meta enough that dozens of people "came up with it" and all thought they were being original. Though i am all but certain that i was the first to combine Protective Bond and SF and do a one-man/one-hero clear of Gloom and City. The small consolations of ego.

At any rate both GW and the wiki itself are dying/dead, and the majority of my contributions of late have just been well-reasoned and well-deserved but sarcastic and insulting 'trash' votes on the majority of the builds in testing, and some in vetted. For the record, I was right, even when i wasn't.

But these days i need to be clear of the time-sink, so it's time to screenshot everything that I'm remotely proud of and request a permaban.

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