And as quickly as it started, I am Jebus has won! The Gates Assassin was the first to reach the end, will receive a separate prize! Thanks for no one giving a crap!

Relyk's Labyrinth!!!!

The Contest

The start of the contest can be found on my user page. Each page will lead forward to another page. Those mildly familiar with wiki stuff should figure this out easy, therefore all BMs and Admins (Godliest should probably too) are banned from entries. If they want, they can post solutions or whatever after the contest is over on this page, as I will look at those first. Otherwise, I don't care so screw off.


This is a little contest I made in place of the Ursan contest. It involves some little brainteasers. I got inspiration from Super Igor and Fire Tock. I tried to make some parts obscure as possible. I made a key, which I will post after the contest is over so people can check out pages they might have missed.


  • No cheating.
  • To win, players must post/write down the path, in enough detail of how each step was done, that leads to the end correctly.
  • I will acknowledge when the contest will start.
  • The contest with the correct path.
  • If no one finishes (which I doubt), then the persons who got farthest will get the reward split.
  • There are multiple levels, each one must be recorded on how it was achieved.


5 ectos/10k


Sign here to enter:

  • --~~~~

- Jax010 18:15, 17 August 2008 (EDT) FIRST!! BICTHES!


  • Make your own page.
  • Entries will be posted as followed: [[User:<Name>/Maze Solution]]
  • If anyone posts their solution on this page, they will be disqualified.

Entry List

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