Many people believe that because they get 10 consecutive wins in RA with a certain build that it is good. This is not true. Often, you get consecutive wins because your team is good, not you. Therefore, I have made the following procedure for testing whether a RA build works well in RA.


  • Enter RA with your build.
  • See whether you win or lose.
  • Record winning/losing.
  • If you won, go back to RA.
  • Repeat 10 times.
  • Follow this table-like thing:
    • 10 wins: You lucky bastard.
    • 8-9 wins: Very good build.
    • 7 wins: Good build.
    • 5-6 wins: Redo. Randomness controls this area.
    • 1-4 wins: Bad build.
    • 0 wins: You have to try to be this bad.


  • You may want to use more trials for more accurate results.
  • The goodness ratio is 13 wins:7 losses.
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