Hi there!

You must be wondering about PvP builds, specifically regarding how to create a good one.

Well aren't you lucky.

Step One: Pick an Elite Skill

There are lots of good options, and lots of bad options.

Pick the good ones.

Here, we'll use a very good Elite skill: Echo

Echo Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

So far, so good!

Step Two: Recrudesce Your Skill Bar

At this point, a new player might be confused, timid, or unwilling to go any further.

For starters, let's add some skills in the same attribute as Echo. "WUHHH? BUT ECHO DOESNT HAV A ATRIBUTE, ITS IN 'NO ATRIBUTE'." Firstly, stop fucking yelling. Secondly, it is in an attribute. Because 'No Attribute' is an attribute, which means there can't be no attributes, because even no attributes are attributed to attributes, because no attribute was never not an attribute.

It's important to pay attention to attributes.

Let's pick the top 2 (using 3 is bad) attributes of our Primary Profession, the Mesmer, and fill the bar with some of those skills. We have already decided that No Attribute would be our first attribute (or, that it will never be either of our attributes). Being a primary Mesmer, we want to take advantage of our primary attribute, Fast Casting. Now, let's throw some skills on there.... it really doesn't matter. I picked them at random.

Echo Web of Disruption Hypochondria Persistence of Memory Celestial Haste Symbolic Celerity Arcane Mimicry Optional

Now, to explain why I tediously and meticulously hand-picked each skill:

  • Web of Disruption - This skill is insane. It's TWO interrupts in ONE skill, which is TWICE as effective as ALL of the other skills that are half as effective as it. Also, it takes only 0.250000000000001 seconds to cast, and with Fast Casting it takes even less than that, making it VERY GOOD and almost un-interruptable.
  • Hypochondria - Whoa. Just... whoa. This skill is like Jesus in a blanket: all-powerful AND nice 'n' warm. With this skill, you can get alllll of the most important anti-caster conditions on one target, causing an overload and making him/him die.
  • Persistence of Memory - Use this with Web of Disruption in case it get's interrupted. If it does, this skill allows you to use the rupted skill again, giving you a second chance at life. Also, it was a really good painting.
  • Celestial Haste - This skill has some very useful effects for PvP. Because it is a Celestial skill, it will have a "lock" image overlaid atop the skill image, and you won't be able to click it. Have no fear, though, because the 'lock' image is simply telling you that it has "locked" the skill's effects onto your character. Celestial Haste's effects will activate automagically and give you a passive effect throughout your PvP match.
  • Arcane Mimicry - After repeated nerfs, ARENANET decided to give up on Guild Wars and let Arcane Mimicry Heathens run rampant in the PvP setting. "Why are they Heathens?" you ask. Firstly, stop interrupting, you douche. Secondly, because YOU CAN GET ANOTHER ELITE SKILL. Preferably, you can get Signet of Judgment (see below).
  • Symbolic Celerity - EXTREMELY HIGH level (approximately 42689 on a scale of 1 - over 9000).

Now, for the last skill on our build, there's 1 skill that ALL builds should have; we're going to cover that in the final section.

Step 3: Add Distracting Shot

Ever since The Great Res Nerf of '81, resurrection skills have been frowned upon. Proficient players use Distracting Shot coupled with lightning-fast weapon swapping to interrupt key skills.

The Final Product

Echo Web of Disruption Hypochondria Persistence of Memory Celestial Haste Symbolic Celerity Arcane Mimicry Distracting Shot

I hope this guide has provided a detailed outline for all of your future build-creating endeavors.

Have fun, and happy GuildWarsing.

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