Hi. I'm relatively new to posting on this wiki, so please excuse any noobishness I may display. Typically, I favor my casters more than my meelee, although my Assassin is my favorite meelee character, second overall only to my Ritualist. I'm the guy who, when things go wrong, jumps into the fray and tries to sort things out, usually dying in the process. My favorite moment in this game so far was during an Alliance Battle, when I was using a self ressurecting build based off of Lively was Naiome. When the opposing team kept killing me, I kept getting up, prompting some to claim that I cheating, when in fact it was the drop effect of LwN activating when I died.

Character Names (In order of age)

Komruk Akida (Dervish)
Proteus Eryx (Paragon)
Lacyus Sigil (Necromancer)
Kreya Malthus (Assassin)
Sage of the Arrows (Ranger)
Sage of the Earth (Elementalist)
Sage of the Spirits (Ritualist)
Sage of Hack Smash (Warrior)
Sage of the Prayers (Monk)

Crowing Achievements

Elite Kurzick Armor for my Ritualist
Vabbian Armor for my Necromancer
Elite Imperial Armor for my Assassin

Next objectives

Asuran Armor for my Assassin
Elite Platemail Armor for my Warrior
Elite Canthan Armor for my Monk.


My offical GW Wiki user page
My Personal builds

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