User:Sardaukar Blackfang

I am the leader of the "Kataklysmic Decapitation [Kvlt]" Guild. I started playing Guild Wars around two months after Prophecies came out.

Kataklysmic Decapitation [Kvlt]

This is my small, but growing guild. Flauros Dagon, Death Trivium, and I all live in Meadville, Pennsylvania. We are looking for more Kvlt members. Although everyone but emos are allowed, metalheads are preferred!

Kataklysmic Decapitation Roster


  • N/Mo Sardaukar Blackfang
  • Rt/Mo Lol U Got Teabagged
  • R/W Spheres Ov Madness
  • E/x Angel Of Daath
  • A/x H Y P O C R I S Y
  • R/x B E H E M O T H ftw
  • D/Mo Visceral Scythe
  • W/x My Dixie Wrecked


  • Reach 7.5 million experience (6,021,648 xp so far)
  • Reach 750,000 gold (530,543 gold so far)
  • Cap every elite in the game (286/351 capped so far)
  • Get the first level of drunkard

Completed Goals

  • Reach 100,000 gold
  • Reach 250,000 gold
  • Reach 500,000 gold
  • Reach 1 million experience
  • Reach 2.5 million experience
  • Reach 5 million experience

Name origins

  • "Sardaukar" is from the Dune series. They are vile warriors from House Corrino.
  • "Lol U Got Teabagged" was named after ruthlessly teabagging my friend in Halo the day before. His Guild Wars character is named "Flauros Dagon." (which are each metal bands...and of course...names of demons and such <3)
  • "Spheres Ov Madness" is named after the song by Decapitated.
  • "Angel Of Daath" is a reference to Slayer's song Angel of Death, also "Daath" is a Death metal band from Atlanta, Georgia.
  • "H Y P O C R I S Y" is named after a badass speed/death metal band.
  • "B E H E M O T H ftw" is named after a Kvlt death metal band.
  • "My Dixie Wrecked" is funny when you figure it out =P.


  • This information was last updated October 19th, 2007



This user plays both PvE & PvP.

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OMG Varg Vikernes should be FREE! lol \m/.
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