<pvxbig> [build prof=ritua/any spawni=12+2 commun=12+1+3][boon of creation][Soul Twisting][shelter][union][Shadowsong][Displacement][Armor of Unfeeling][Optional][/build]

  • [[Spirit Siphon@9] - Better energy management. Take 12+1+3/10+1/8+1
  • [[Earthbind@16] - Cheat/increase KD duration.
  • [[Dissonance@16] - Interupt/boss shutdown.
  • [[Flesh of my Flesh@4] - Rez. Get 3+1 Resto.
  • [[Death Pact Signet@4] - Rez. Get 3+1 Resto.


Use spirits to protect party better then any
Make spirits behind backline


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