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Time to get bored again, my sandbox is re-opened.
[[User:Shadow Form Slayer/Sandbox|Sandbox]]
'''Tribute to my ban:'''
:Hardly, I ever stepped out.
:I ever stepped out. Out of my deepest shadow.
:I was always hiding anywhere.
:Gazing from trees and the meadow.
:Quick kills, sharpened daggers.
:Infinite strikes from my blades.
:Reliable and swift.
:Afterwards, back in the shades.
:I then triggered a horrible mistake.
:A fatal fault.
:I got too greedy, wanted too much.
:Too much to have for my vault.
:I became unfair.
:Treated my rules as misbelief.
:I became no assassin.
:I became a thief.
:I got struck.
:He was the true betrayer.
:Though he did slaughter me.
:The true, Shadow Form Slayer.

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