This build is basically the invincisin build for PvE modified for PvP. In my experience it works well in RA TA AB. The strategy is to keep Shadowform up at all times using deadly paradox and arcane echo. It annoys the crud out of people too :3.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Assassin/Mesmer name=Shadow Sin shad=12+1+3 dead=10+3 dag=8+3][Deadly Paradox][Arcane Echo][Shadow Form] [Dancing Daggers][Mantis Touch][Way of the Lotus][Vampiric Assault][Impale][/build] </pvxbig>

  • Replace Way of the lotus with [resurrection signet] for party support. (Unless your like me and say Screw them :3)
  • Replace Way of the lotus with [Feigned Nuetrality] for a health boost if you need it


  • Full set of max armor with radiant insignias, with a Shadow Arts + 1 headgear
  • Rune of Sup Deadly arts, Dagger Mastery, Shadow Arts, and two runes of attunement. (Note: You do not need The sup runes for Dagger Mastery and Deadly arts You just do less damage without them)
  • Zealous daggers of enchantment, Any inscription will do, I prefer energy + 5 for a boost
  • Vampiric daggers of enchantment, with energy + 5 inscrip
  • (Variant : One Rune of Sup vigor for One attunement.)


  • At the start of the battle cast: Paradox ,Echo, and Shadow Form.(THIS ORDER IS KEY!)
  • Run head on Into battle. Be wary of AoE spells and Ritualist drop items as these do not target and therefore affect you.
  • Use the Echo Shadow Form when the timer is just about to touch the bottom center of the skill box.(This timing is important because when you go to recast it with echo again a split second may matter) (THIS IS POSSIBLE)!!!
  • Repeat the second after echo recharges
  • If you miss the timing on shadow form it shouldn't be by that much so if it goes off recast it quick!
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This combo will keep Shadow Form up 100% of the time^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Keep attacking to keep your energy up, when you think you have enough cast:
  • Dancing daggers 93 damage. semi spammable
  • Mantis Touch (To cripple an enemy running away)
  • Way of the Lotus(Energy management)
  • Vampiric assault (it attacks and steals 60 health)
  • Impale (90 damage + a wound)
  • if necessary use deadly paradox to semi spam dancing daggers (doesn't work as well with the nerf but meh.)
  • Repeat all these steps as much as necessary


  • Area of Effect spells.(That have targeted an ALLY!
  • Ritualist Drop items.
  • Signets
  • Conditions.
  • Timing Shadow Form wrong.


If you can think of some feel free to edit. --Shadowsin 22:24, 22 October 2007 (CEST)


  • Try to distance yourself from your ally's to keep Area of effect spells away from you.
  • Vampiric Assault does steal health and give it to you so if you miss time Shadowform It heals you.
  • This build works, you just have to pay attention...
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