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<pvxbig> [build prof=Dervish/any Mysticism=8+1 Scythe Mastery=10+1 Earth Prayer=12+1][Lyssa's Assault][Crippling Victory][Reap Impurities][Heart Of Fury][Vow of Strength][Sand Shards][Mystic Sandstorm][Optional][/build] </pvxbig>



[[Veil of Thorns@13]
[[Whirlwind Attack]
[[Aura Of Holy Might]


Veil of Thorns for more synergy with Mark Of Pain and Barbs and more survivability against spellcasters Aura of Holy Might PvE skills, like asuran scan if foes have blocking skills like aegis or guardian Whirlwind Attack is also a good choice.


  • Armor
  • Weapons


Maintain Vow Of strength, and Sand Shards, then spam your adrenaline skills when available. Use [Lyssa's Assault] to rupt keys skills, or simply for more spike damage output.


Standard anti melee, enchantment removal will cut down your DPS.


This build works well in Physway team, where the MoP Nek is the main source of damage. But even taken indivudually this build deals quite decent DPS comparable to that of a HB warrior. It can fullfil the same tasks as a HB warrior as VoW of Strength basically mimics the effect of HB

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