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About Me:

I was born and breed in the Bishops Stortford, Herts in the Uk for 16 years before moving to Winnipeg, Canada recently. I'm 19 years old, Male and I'm addicted to Guild Wars.I was never into RPG before playing GW. First I thought an MMORPG was like D&D all spell casting and magic, kids stuff, like WoW, But found GW to be more grown up and have been playing it for a solid year now. I mainly play ranger or assassin in PvP, but use other proffesions usually. I was introduced to this game by a friend and he got me into the guild I'm in Now.


Ranger-icon-small Sneaky Take a Bow - Main PvE Ranger
Ranger-icon-small Sneaky Take a Toke - PvP Ranger
Warrior-icon-small Sneaky Sherman Tank - PvE Warrior
Monk-icon-small Sneaky Monkie -- PvE Monk
Necromancer-icon-small Sneaky Russian Spy -- First Character Necro - Best Name
Assassin-icon-small Sneaky Immortal-- PvE Assassin
Warrior-icon-small Omg Your A Fembot -- PvP Warrior
Elementalist-icon-small Gwens on Fire -- PvE Elementalist
Paragon-icon-small Just Plain Sneaky - PvP Others
Builds & Other:
[What Needs Changing] My View on What Anet Should Do.
[Blackout Ranger] Old Cripshot build
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