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Snow White Tan1
SWT Icon (Digital)

My name is Jonas, I'm from Denmark and I'm currently 17 years old. I have been playing guild wars for about 30 months (as of 14/2/08).
I mostly play PvE PvP, but in the next few days I'll be grinding titles for Kind of a Big Deal.
According to the personality test found here, I'm an Executive.
Interestingly enough, a similar test on another website called me an Artisan. I think I'm a hybrid between the two ^^

I just joined a new guild called The Hunters of Twilight [Tht].
Joined Chips and Gravy [Salt]
Created Enforcers of Serenity [Cops], which is going to be a PvP guild for Australians + others.
Joined Caliber Thirteen [CT].
Created Snow White Tan [SWT].
Joined Tycn Co [tC].
Joined Order of the Emerald Hellkite [EmHk].

Free Rice
Tycn showed me this ← Beat my score of 31.

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