Warrior's/Wizard's/Hunter's Isle

  • For this map the basic structure is three paths two being easily fortified by the defenders.
  • (D)This is a simple battle plan, keep your party on a two pronged assault, one going for the flag stand and one going left to the enemy guild hall. (all down the left path from spawn)
  • (D)If for any reason the enemy does not split up or the enemy goes down an uncovered path, send one unoccupied group to the stressed area.
  • (A)Basically the same tactic as the defenders is employed, send one group for the flag stand and the other down the right path, this will work wonderfully if the oppossition does not split up.
  • (A)If the enemy does not split up have the flanking team complete the flank leaving a backline exposed and an easy battle. If the enemy is split up focus all power on the flagstand, using the flank will cut of the enemy retreat unless the flanking group encounters opposition.

Note:(A) Take out any and all supporting NPC's near the enemy gate to provide more support in cutting off enemy retreats.

  • (A/D)If the flag stand is obtained focus on pushing back enemy lines, and maintaining the flag stand, a flag carrier should be holding a flag at all times, be sure to also keep one or two party members watching the other paths, and an immidiate flow of four more allies should follow if an unoccupied area is stressed, leaving two party members at minimum to cover the flag stand.
  • (A/D)If the flagstand is lost it is to the utmost importance to obtain it, and keep the enemy from gaining a morale boost, being agressive is key in this situation.
  • (A/D) when pushed back into guild hall or nearly defeated there is one to few options, sending a party of two down the path most unoccupied and leading most directly to the flag stand is key, and maintaining orginization at the hall while using the resources is beneficial as well.
  • (A/D) if the battle comes to "Victory or Death" it is important to stay near the guild lord, and act as his support while letting the waves of NPC's handle the flag stand, taking out enemy npc's in the outer area before hand will provide much support.

Note:(A)Of all things it is important to keep the battle away from the guild hall due to a dissadvantage in number of NPC's. .

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