This W/A Critical Hammer build uses Strength-powered AoE hammer attack skills in conjunction with a high Critical Strikes rate and constant IAS/defense to murderate things.

Attributes and skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=W/A strength=10+1 hammer=10+1][Earth Shaker][Crude Swing][Whirlwind Attack][Yeti Smash][Way of the Master@13][Critical Defenses@13][Critical Agility][Critical Eye@13][/build] </pvxbig> Critical Strikes 11+1+1


  • Warrior armor (+1 Critical Strikes headpiece), Stonefist Insignia on the boots/head/gloves, Survivor on the rest.
  • Furious and Zealous Hammers of Fortitude.


  • Put up your Enchantments/Critical Eye.
  • Rush into mobs.
  • Use your AoE attack skills, plus your high critical chance and protective/IAS enchantments to kill things and not die.


  • On-hit hexes
  • Massive enchantment removal


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